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Had an issue with access the extranet, the person I spoke to in Technical was very helpful, walked through the procedures I needed to follow and when the fault persisted promised to call me back after further investigation. Call was received within 10 minutes and access issue resolved.


we had to update to the latest software on a site in Halifax and the new software update caused all the doors to lock out for over 12 hours and we had to eventually go to site and connect a laptop to each IP controller to manually upgrade the firmware at each cluster of controllers. This would have led us to believe that there was a network issue, however when we connected locally at each controller cluster location we found that some of the Paxton Bus controllers had updated but the IP controller had not? I do believe that the firmware updates following a software upgrade is a poor feature of Paxton and it would be greatly appreciated if you could develop within the software that the controllers update one at at a time and not all at once!


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